Animal Leather Dog Collar - Evergreen

Animal Leather Dog Collar - Evergreen

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Bring out your pups wild side with this cheeky hand painted leather collar. Made of lightweight yet durable vegetable-tanned leather, finished with gold hardware and our iconic Nice Digs dog charm.

The Animal collar is available in 5 sizes:

  • S Neck Size 27 - 35cm,  Width 2cm

  • M Neck Size 35 - 44cm,  Width 2cm

  • L Neck Size 44 - 53cm,  Width 2cm

Leather will patina with time and exposure to the elements. Normal wear will darken the leather as air, light, the oils of your dog's skin, and other environmental factors do their work, eventually developing into a rich tan colour. Spot clean with a damp cloth. Nourish with a wax/silicone-free leather conditioner.

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